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Jennifer Sato, LCSW

As an Asian-American, I have seen first-hand how cultural issues can impact our identities and our willingness to seek help. Many Asian cultures are shame-based and often send the message that if something is wrong it is our own fault and it is our responsibility to deal with the burden alone. This can make it challenging to take the first step in seeking therapy when there is often strong familial and cultural pressure not to admit weakness, to hide our problems or to save face. Often mental health symptoms manifest as physical or somatic complaints and when our parents model this behavior, it can even be difficult to identify which problems are physical and which are mental.

I understand the difficulty in reconciling two cultures and I feel uniquely qualified to help Asian-American clients and other bicultural clients navigate their journeys. I am here to help guide you to a better understanding of yourself, your cultural and individual identity and your personal values and lead you to a place of greater self-acceptance.

I have experience working with a variety of challenges including: low self- esteem, anxiety, mood disorders, grief, and problems with relationships and intimacy. I also enjoy working with couples. I use different treatment modalities such as psychodynamic, experiential, cognitive behavioral therapy, and many other evidenced based practices to guide you toward emotional health and wellbeing.

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