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Children need love, especially when they don't deserve it. –H. Hulburt

Teenagers have unique needs when it comes to counseling. At different ages we pass through distinct developmental phases with specific tasks, capabilities, and limitations. A therapist must have special knowledge and training to provide therapeutic interventions that take a teen's developmental phase into account.

I absolutely love working with teens and I find that as a younger therapist I am able to connect with teens and meet them on their level. To build trust in a relationship with a teenager, it’s important to find ways to connect with them and relate to them using their own experiences. I have a broad range of interests that help me connect with teens on their level.

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Teens tend to work best in therapy when they feel they have a sense of autonomy because their primary developmental task is individuation. I always take these considerations into account and tailor my interventions to suit the needs of each teen with whom I work.

I have extensive training in child and adolescent development and a great deal of specialized experience working with youth ages 12-18. When working with youth, I implement a range of research-based, empirically proven techniques, specific to your child’s developmental phase, in order to ensure therapy will be most effective.

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