Male Therapist Santa Monica ~ Men's Issues

Carson Winn, LCSW

I have a heart for working with men and appreciate
the unique challenges and pressures men face. Our culture often has rigid expectations of masculinity which may stifle us from understanding who we really are and get in the way of reaching our potential. As a result of powerful cultural ideas about what it means to be a man, our vision may become clouded and we may lose ourselves as we hide behind a mask that we put on to fit in.

a practicing therapist for over 10 years, I incorporate both traditional and innovative methods to help you overcome life’s challenges and embrace your potential. Through the process of healing, we address underlying issues and discover a sense of meaning and peace far greater than before these symptoms began to rule our lives. We can experience joy and strength beyond what we ever imagined.

All of my methods are Evidence-Based Practices; in other words, they have been proven by research. In working with individuals, I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma and emotional regulation. I also have extensive experience working with chemical dependency, substance abuse/dependence and addictions of all kinds, including sex addiction.

Many clients also seek help for stage of life transitions, often during young adulthood when social expectations are at their highest and roles begin to change or during middle-age regarding new demands in career, child-rearing and long-term relationships. I also have experience working with other healthcare professionals, established and aspiring artists and many who work in all areas of the industry. Using Dynamic Psychology or Psychodynamic Therapy, I aid in helping clients to develop an optimal life experience in whatever stage of life or circumstance in which clients find themselves.

In working with couples and families I emphasize the dynamic influences that each member has on each other and how this creates patterns that may lead members to feel stuck. In work with couples and families, we address breakdowns in communication and barriers that lead to misunderstanding and hurt. In families, each member plays a role in creating the dynamics and contributes to the health or dysfunction in the other members. The solution lies in each member accepting responsibility for their contribution to problems rather than blaming one another. In my work with couples I recognize the wellbeing of romantic partnerships depends on each person’s capacity to share both the pleasures and sorrows with one another.

I look forward to helping you or someone you love. Call me now: 310-691-6981.
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