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Santa Monica Perinatal and Prenatal Therapy

So you’re going to be a mom. You are about to embark on what many parents say is the best and hardest job they’ve ever had. Perhaps this is your first child, perhaps not. Either way a lot of feelings and questions are bound to arise.

How do I care for myself and my baby during pregnancy? What type of birth do I want to have? How do I juggle all my responsibilities: career, marriage/partnership, my other children’s needs, my own needs? I have my own depression and/or anxiety so how do I care for my own mental health needs during this time?

There are no easy answers when moving through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, but perinatal and prenatal therapy can help you navigate the complexities of childbirth and beginning the journey of parenthood. I offer a safe place for moms and moms-to-be to explore the choices available to them and the concerns that arise.

Stefani Reitter, LMFT Speaks About Prenatal Therapy

Teaching You to Trust Yourself

Many clients have come to me during pregnancy with doubts around their ability to be a parent. “Am I bound to repeat the same mistakes made in my own upbringing?” “Do I possess the resources to care adequately for my child?” Perinatal and prenatal therapy can help you transform your fear and uncertainty into confidence and hope.

I’ve learned that
our culture often doesn’t adequately prepare women to trust their own instincts as mothers. There is so much “helpful advice” on how to be pregnant, how to labor and how to care for an infant. In my personal and professional experience all of this must be taken with a grain of salt and we must allow these resources to guide us but not distract us from our inner knowing. Sometimes our inner knowing gets lost in the collective voices of our extended family, friends, and health professionals. Perinatal and prenatal therapy is a safe place to reconnect with our inner self and listen to its wisdom and guidance.

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How I Work

It is my honor to accompany you on your journey in therapy.
To me, this isn't just a vocation but a deeply fulfilling and humbling opportunity to connect from a place of spirit. Once you become skilled at aligning your life with your spirit, you will feel energized, more open, and lighter almost immediately. In order for this shift to endure, you will need to continue to tap into your inner self and allow it to increasingly guide you in all that you do.

I will suggest ways for you to stay connected both through simple, daily rituals and through exploring deeper issues that lead to more authentic life choices. Remember, the goal is not to keep you in therapy forever, but
to help you spread your wings and fly.

Feel free to email me at to ask me any questions or call me now at: 310-625-0572.

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