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Centrally located across from Carbon Beach in Malibu, I offer a mind-body sanctuary where you can quiet your mind, connect with your spirit, and source your healing potential. Through evidence based mindfulness techniques you will be invited to slow down and tune in to the present moment and listen to its powerful guidance for you. By aligning you with your spirit, you will begin to feel calmer and more energized.

Let's face it--life is tough. It is human to feel overwhelmed, fearful, and sad as a result of living in a fast paced world. This reality coupled with traumatic events can often sap our resources. As a result we can easily lose sight of what is important to us and feel a dampening of spirit. This “dis-ease” manifests in our bodies as tension and often develops into aches, pains, physical conditions. I can help you tune into your pain and learn from it so you can get your life back.

Meet Stefani Reitter, LMFT

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How I Work

With over fifteen years experience as a mindfulness-based practitioner, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist, I approach psychotherapy from a mind-body-spirit perspective. My work is individualized and client-centered positioning you as the "expert" in your life. With a foundation in mindfulness, DBT, and CBT, I provide a safe, nurturing environment inviting you to expand your awareness with compassion. From this awareness comes the ability to transform. Together, we will deconstruct the thoughts and feelings that create your world and through creativity and humor uncover new, empowering life trajectories.

It is my honor to accompany you on your journey in therapy. To me, this isn't just a vocation but a deeply fulfilling and humbling opportunity to connect from a place of spirit. Once you become skilled at aligning your life with your spirit, you will feel your life begin to change. In order for this shift to endure, you will need to continue to tap into your inner self and allow it to increasingly guide you in all that you do.

I will suggest ways for you to stay connected both through simple, daily rituals and through exploring deeper issues that lead to more authentic life choices. Remember, the goal is not to keep you in therapy forever, but
to help you spread your wings and fly.

Feel free to email me at to ask me any questions or call me now at: 310-625-0572.
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