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Our highly qualified Sliding Scale Therapy team draws from experiential, cognitive behavioral, and psychodynamic therapies, all of which are proven by research to be effective. We value authenticity, openness and warmth as a central part of who we are and how we practice. We work closely in consultation with one another so as to provide the highest quality services possible and to ensure that we are always growing, learning and challenging ourselves as therapists and as individuals.

In order to reach clients who would benefit from our services in Los Angeles, we offer sliding scale therapy, which means we can offer lower fees based on financial need. Your mental health is important and we hope that by providing affordable options we can ensure you will receive high quality therapy that will help you enjoy a happier, fuller life.

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Elissa Stifter, LPCC

Santa Monica Location

a practicing therapist and mindfulness practitioner for 15 years, I incorporate both traditional and innovative methods to help you overcome life’s challenges and embrace your potential. Through the process of healing, we address underlying issues and discover a sense of meaning and peace far greater than before these symptoms began to rule our lives. As a result, we can experience joy and strength beyond what we ever imagined.

All of my methods are Evidence-Based Practices; in other words, they have been proven by research. In working with individuals,
I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and emotional regulation.

Many clients also seek help for stage of life transitions, often during young adulthood when social expectations are at their highest and roles begin to change or during middle-age regarding new demands in career, child-rearing and long-term relationships. I aid in helping clients to develop an optimal life experience in whatever stage of life or circumstance in which clients find themselves.

In working with couples, I emphasize the dynamic influences that each member has on each other and how this creates patterns that may lead members to feel stuck. The solution lies in each member accepting responsibility for their contribution to problems rather than blaming one another.
In work with couples, we address breakdowns in communication and barriers that lead to misunderstanding and hurt. I look forward to helping you or someone you love. Learn more about me by clicking here or call me now at 619-993-8465.

cell: 619-993-8465

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Shannon Kalberg, LMFT

West Los Angeles/Brentwood

Everyone experiences challenges from time to time, but when the tough times are starting to outweigh the good times or you keep seeing the same patterns repeat over and over in your life, you may want to consider seeking help.  Even when you have friends and family who offer support, it can sometimes be difficult to hear your own voice amidst the advice of so many others. I am here not to give you advice, but to help you learn to listen to and trust yourself deeply and fully so that you can live the kind of life you've always wanted.

Some of my areas of special expertise and training include: depression, anxiety, children and teens, couples and relationships, trauma, and families.

As you learn to trust yourself, you will begin to loosen the grip that anxiety, depression, and shame have over your life. Rather than reacting to things out of fear, you will start to make decisions that are in line with your true self. Together we will begin to delve into understanding the deeper, underlying causes behind the problems you are experiencing. As we bring awareness to the root causes of your issues, we will begin to change the way you see yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

Drawing on my training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and psychosomatic work, I blend a pragmatic approach with an experiential one. I will give you practical tools to cope with and overcome the problems you are experiencing while also helping to address and heal the underlying causes of those problems. I find that attacking the problems on both fronts-- the present and past-- helps to create lasting changes that endure over time. Click here to learn more about me and my approach to treatment or call me now at 310-691-6980.

cell: 310-592-4980

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