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Therapy works.

As more and more research is conducted, one thing becomes increasingly clear: therapy works. Independent researchers continually find the benefits of psychotherapy not only endure, but increase over time. Even more compelling is the finding that the indicators of emotional health for recipients of psychodynamic therapy equal and often exceed those of medication. To see the research for yourself, click here: The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Effective therapy actually alters the chemicals in your brain and rewires your neural pathways, transforming the way you process information about yourself and the world. In fact, therapy has even been shown to have a powerful impact on physical diseases. In one study, patients with metastatic breast cancer who received therapy lived an average of 18 months longer than those who did not. You can find out more about how therapy impacts the brain and body by clicking on the following link: Evidence Is In: Psychotherapy Changes the Brain.

Brooke Sprowl, LCSW Speaks About Therapy

Therapy in a nutshell.

People don’t come to therapy because they have problems. Everyone has problems. People come to therapy because they feel stuck. Sometimes the same issues resurface over and over in different forms and we’re not sure why. Often we try to address these problems superficially without dealing with their roots, which is why they may continue despite our best efforts.

In therapy, problematic patterns are explored in depth in order to address the underlying causes and thus begin to change the driving forces beneath them. In other words, therapy goes beyond the symptoms and targets the actual disease. I use a unique combination of several research-proven theories, tailored to each individual, which together can help you transform depression, anxiety and helplessness into freedom, strength and wholeness.

Therapy: The basics.

At the beginning of treatment, it is recommended that you meet with your therapist weekly. Standard sessions are 50-minutes long. You may request longer sessions in advance if you plan ahead and schedule them with your therapist. To set something up, all you have to do is email or call us and determine a time that works for you and for your therapist. To learn more about our team and choose which therapist is best for you, please visit the Therapy Team page.

Therapy Specializations

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santa monica therapist
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About Our Team

Every member of our
Therapist Team is highly trained and clinically skilled, but more importantly each therapist displays openness, warmth and authenticity. We strive to be real and we don't put on pretenses or hide behind the veil of professionalism. Our highly qualified team draws from experiential, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapies, all of which are proven by research to be effective.

We value authenticity, openness, and warmth as a central part of who we are and how we practice. We also have experienced struggles in our lives and want you to know you are not alone. We’ve been there too, which is why we feel uniquely qualified to help you navigate and overcome the difficulties in your life. Our Therapist Team works closely in consultation with one another so as to provide the highest quality services possible and so that we are always growing, learning, and challenging ourselves as therapists and as individuals.

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Primary Treatment Approach Specializations

All of these approaches are research-proven to be effective.

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