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Challenges are a part of life, but when the tough times are starting to outweigh the good times and you keep seeing the same painful patterns repeat over and over, you may want to seek help. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to hear your own voice in the midst of so many cultural messages and so much advice from friends and family. My job is not to give advice, but to help you learn to listen to and trust yourself deeply and fully so that you can live the kind of life you've always wanted.

West LA Therapy Philosophy

I truly believe that
in order to uncover our deepest recesses of peace, we must first have the courage to face our fears and overcome them. I use scientifically proven techniques to help you get free from destructive patterns and help restore a sense of joy and hope in your life.

Whatever your situation, my goal is to help you
find clarity in your life, to learn to trust yourself deeply, and to help you cultivate an unshakeable resiliency that you bring into every challenge you face.

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